William Neil Gallagher called himself the “Money Doctor.” As a charismatic radio host in the Dallas area, he doled out financial advice with a Christian theme, his voice full of authority and warmth.

“People are more important than profits,” he proclaimed during one episode. “The good Lord has made us to give unconditional love and to accept unconditional love. You’ve got to be sure you totally trust that financial planner you’re working with.”

A white-haired octogenarian who signed off with “See you in church on Sunday” and penned a book called “Jesus Christ, Money Master,” Gallagher paid for his airtime on three stations, using it to promote his services. He promised “retirement income you’ll never outlive” to those considering investing with him.

Any faith in Gallagher’s financial prowess, though, turned out to be misplaced. The 80-year-old Texan has confessed to bilking his customers in what authorities called “a classic Ponzi scheme.” His companies were shuttered by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in March 2019.