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Dear friends, Grace and Peace! I want to personally welcome you to my official website. I am so honored that you could take some time to glance through my website. Thank you very much. I am very grateful to you. I deeply appreciate it. It means a lot to me. This is my only website wherein my information and everything you need to know about me and my books is contained. Feel free to check out my books and look out for my new books. Feel free also to send me feedback, comments, suggestions and remarks if you have any and finally I can be contacted for speaking engagements, talks, conference, convention, seminar, workshop, retreat and events. I teach and preach the word of God. I am a motivational/inspirational Speaker, I moderate and facilitate retreats for groups and I can also talk about my books. God bless you.


About The Book


This book is all about how to find meaning, light, peace, joy, stability, control, tranquility, and happiness in the midst of all that life throws at us. This book is a self-help, motivational, inspirational and though provoking book on how to recover and regain our peace and joy that has been robbed from us by life’s difficulties, struggles, storms, pain, challenges and ordeals.


ABOUT THE BOOK: This book is a practical and common sense guide to the proper, prudent, mature and responsible way of using social media. This book is written to equip parents, teachers and youth ministers with a resource in guiding our young people on the best way to use social media. This particular book is for all active social media users. Among the things discussed in this book is the radicalization of our young people on social media, cyber bullying, the negative impacts of Social media on young people, how to tackle fake news, conspiracy theories and propaganda on social media and how social media could be at the service of our faith, business and marketing and much more.

“Social media has marked a turning point in the social interaction and social structures of our society.” -Venatius Agbasiere
“Social media has been groundbreaking in our social interactions and relationships.” -Venatius Agbasiere
“With Social media, information has been made easily accessible and the dissemination of information made easy.” -Venatius Agbasiere
“Imagine what the world would be and what we can all accomplish together if we could all think and do some kind of soul searching to discover what we can do for the world we live in, our society and our community.” -Venatius Agbasiere
“It takes a great man, a great woman to always think and figure out what they can do for their fellow human beings; how to make life easier, more affordable, longer, better, and healthier.” -Venatius Agbasiere
“The world has become smaller, interconnected and closely knit together because of social media.” -Venatius Agbasiere
“All information on social media should be verified and taken with a pinch of salt.” -Venatius Agbasiere
“Social media has done much good, brought much good, put food on the table and made people famous.” -Venatius Agbasiere
“Social media has given a voice to the voiceless.” -Venatius Agbasiere

PRICE: $13

ABOUT THE BOOK: Addiction, forgiving oneself, the power of love, the pain of rejection, fraternal correction, fame, peace,waiting,lifting others, false accusations,Traveling, prayers,, self abuse, pretense, imperfect world,Self-control, self-evaluation, relationships, friendships, Elderly abuse, death and after life, setting goals in life, waiting, patience, self-evaluation, being merciful, terrorism, crime, modesty in dressing, priorities in life, safe driving, cancer, fake news, political differences and mistakes are some of the 342 different topics, subjects, issues and titles discussed in this book. This book is like a daily devotional to help us grow in our spiritual lives and become the best version of ourselves. The book contains practical guidelines, nuggets of wisdom, powerful admonitions and great pieces of advice that can make us successful and joy filled and help start off a new day.




Amazon Reviews for SUFFERING

Great, powerful and Awesome book. Refreshing and relieving, Soothing and comforting
June 11, 2018
Format: Paperback|

This book is simply wonderful. I have read it twice already and i find myself always going back to it especially some portions of it. This book is an antidote for those who are going through pain and suffering, disappointments and delays, struggles and challenges, agonies and sorrow. My hope was rekindled and i felt encouraged after reading this book. I am grateful to the author for this book. The book was written from a personal experience with sufferings and it is very relatable. Words used in this book are simple and practical which makes for easier reading. I have already bought and given out many copies of this book to some of my friends going through addiction, marital relationship problems, those having mental issues like depression, anxiety, those dealing with legal battles and work place related problems like gossipy co workers, mean and nasty boss or supervisor, those who have lost a loved one or a dear pet, parents grappling with a child that went off course, those dealing with break ups, hardships, tough times, loneliness, rejection and sickness. i have read a lot of book on suffering, none can equal this one. i rated it 5 stars. Give it a trial as a trial will convince you. I cant wait to read other books from safe author.



A must read to complete your Catholic Journey.
May 22, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

Father Venatius Agbasiere helps complete our Catholic journey with a better understanding of Gods ways. In “Suffering” he highlights ways to pray, understand and continue your quest to become a great Catholic.
In my opinion, this is a Must Read for all who seek enlightenment and want to become one with God.
I particularly enjoyed his writing on Attitude towards the trials and tribulations of our lives.

-Kevin B. Leigh


Joy and Happiness in the Midst of Life’s Challenges
April 10, 2018
Format: Paperback|

For me, reading “Suffering: Finding True Peace, Joy and Happiness in the Midst of Life’s Challenges, Problems and Difficulties” was truly life changing. (Disclosure: I’ve met the author, Deacon Ventatius Agbasiere, and have had the privilege of hearing him preach the homily at Mass. Another confession: I wasn’t looking forward to reading a book called Suffering, but I love Deacon Venatius so I thought I’d give his new book a try.) His words and wisdom were a balm to my spirit. My life and outlook on the future has improved since I finished reading Suffering last week. The text is written in a conversational manner, and I felt as though the author was speaking directly to me as I read. I did not suffer while reading this book. I became excited about life and feel a strong sense of joy.

-Laura Suttell


This book can be easily read wholly or in parts and as a beautiful …
April 12, 2018
Format: Paperback|

In a world where there is so much suffering Venatius Agbasiere encourages his readers to embrace suffering and shows how it can lead to comfort and hope. This book can be easily read wholly or in parts and as a beautiful meditative way to begin the day. The author’s spiritual strength and enthusiasm are evident in his writing.

-Donna P


Very Thought Provoking
February 20, 2018
Format: Paperback

Venatius Agbasiere takes a truthful look at suffering, relates them to readers in a Biblical sense, giving hope and encouragement for the journey of life. An outstanding read!

The plight of mankind, many ask why? Why is there so much suffering in the world? In his book, Suffering: Finding True Peace, Joy and Happiness in the Midst of Life’s Challenges, Problems and Difficulties, Venatius Agbasiere looks at suffering, the how and the why God uses seasons to build character, teach and make us pliable as clay is molded into a beautiful vessel. This going from desert to desert to bring His chosen ones into the Promised Land is a actually a type of training ground that the author calls a “breaking.” He states that, “Breaking is painful, breaking is frustrating, breaking is uncomfortable, but blessing comes afterwards, so please, do not give up during the time of breaking.” Further stating, “There is a blessing in breaking. We are broken by God in order to be blessed.”

The above statement gives insight into the focus of the book, as additional Biblical input builds the foundation as he preaches from the Scriptures. His book is meant to encourage the Body of Christ and to give understanding during the difficult seasons of life in order to make way for God to work and bring His blessings into one’s life. Offering his own experiences going from a third world country to the United States, his book states that all suffer, just in different ways. He reminds those that are doing well to not look upon those who are suffering, but presents a compassionate look at people’s sufferings.

Instrumentally, he teaches that God cared for the Israelites through all they went through. Similarly, we are to remember this that God does not change and He will not abandon us. He will provide us of all our needs and seasons do come to an end. God turns all into good for His Kingdom. (Romans 8:28)

Highly recommended as a must-read for every Christian, whether a new or mature believer..

-CBM Book Reviews


Amazon Reviews for Welcome to the World of Social Media

Powerful and practical guide on the common sense use of Social Media.
June 11, 2018
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

I have been using Social media but after reading this book the way i have been using social media completely changed. My eyes were opened to so many things i never knew about social media and so many things i took for granted. This book helped me to understand the the good,the bad and the ugly in social media. Honestly i feel like this is a book every teacher and every parent and indeed all active social media users need to have. This book will equip parents, teachers and youth ministers with the right tool in guiding and directing our young people and children on he mature, responsible and prudent ways of using social media. Every school should have this book in their library, make every student to get a copy and even introduce a course in schools on Social media; maybe introduction to social media with this book as the primary and basic text. I highly recommend this book to everyone who uses Social media or intend to.It will revolutionized the way we use and approach social media for good.

– Ify

Very Informative
February 21, 2018
Format: Paperback

Welcome to the World of Social Media by Venatius Agbasiere explores our modern world of social media, sharing the blessings, impacts on youth, abuses, and offers an overall guide to being safe on the Web.

His book is written from a standpoint of common sense, knowledge and interaction with social media, using his own experiences and others’ to pinpoint guidance in using social media while helping others understand the varying branches of social media. With ease and simplicity, readers will enjoy this book and will want to keep it in their library as an overall guide to using social media.

With integrity and concise language, such chapters include: The Blessing of Social Media, Abuses of Social Media, The Young and Social Media, Social Media Discipline, Social Media as a Platform, Social Media and Time, The Content of Social Media, Social Media and Security, Opportunities and Social Media, Faith and Social Media, Social Media and Fake News, Social Media and Culture, Tourism, Racism, Disasters and a Conclusion, the author has covered any subject the reader can think of. Offering the do’s and don’ts this book is one readers will appreciate.

Recommended for those that would like to educate and teach their children safe social media practices while using social media as a means for communications, income and blessings.
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– CBM Book Reviews

Amazon Reviews for Living A Fulfilled, Successful, And Joy Filled Life: Volume One

Powerful and inspirational book
June 10, 2018
Verified Purchase

Living a fulfilled, successful and joy filled life is a very nice book, beautifully written, easy to read, written in simple language and contains such great wealth of wisdom. I enjoyed reading this book and i have already bought a couple and distributed to friends and loved one. It is the type of a book that you can buy for someone as a gift for their birthday or anniversary. This book calls us back to our core traditional values. It is inspirational, very motivational, thought provoking and educative. I want to thank Venatius Agbasiere for this book. Definitely i will get the other of his two books and look forward to his upcoming books. i highly recommend this book. It is worth buying and reading. i have benefited from the book and i hope you would as well.

– Ify

Such an interesting book
June 8, 2018
Verified Purchase

The book, living a fulfilled, successful and joy filled life is a great master piece. This book is a life changer. This book has motivated me with its great wealth of wisdom. I want to commend the author, Venatius Agbasiere for taking time to put this book together, offering us recipes for a fulfilled and successful life. This book has something for everybody. It is a must read. It is a book that is easy to read, a book you can begin your day with and a book one can buy for young people to lay a good foundation for them in the future. I am so honored to have bought this book. It has changed my life for good. Go ahead and get a copy for yourself and recommend to friends and loved ones.

– vivian